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From Experience Design to Installation


Each year the giant GCC-based telecommunication corporation, Etisalat, brings together the most advanced technological solutions across a range of different sectors to exhibit at the Middle East’s biggest annual tech event, GiTEX. Wanting to give particular importance to retail in their 2019 exhibition, Kendu was recognised for its experience in creating dynamic retail spaces, innovative products and understanding of the modern consumer and was invited to bring to life the store of the future within a 120 sqm space.

Kendu proposed the work was carried out in collaboration with international fashion brand, Mango, to build a ‘connected fashion’ experience based on real products, customers and insights.


Kendu’s Experience Design team put the customer at the centre of the strategic planning, identifying all the benefits the latest digital technology in the sector could bring to their shopping experience. Kendu’s in-house manufacturing capabilities, as well as their wide selection of trusted partners, meant a huge range of concepts were on the table during ideation stage. Together with Etisalat and Mango, 12 cohesive customer-centric experiences were selected.

With projection mapping, RFID technology, a virtual assistant, an interactive fitting room and the new Flowbox Interactive amongst the stand-out experiences, the route balanced a mix of entertaining and practical solutions with space to relax and be inspired. Kendu designed and co-ordinated everything; from the premium aesthetic of the stand, to the digital content across the experiences, to the production of the structure and technological experiences. The entire project was delivered in just 4 months and was presented to over 100,000 visitors passing through the exhibition.

Experience Design in Action

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