We use cookies on this site to enhance and optimise user experience. Below you will find detailed information about the cookies and technology used on this website, how to disable cookies in your browser and how to specifically block third-party cookies.


As you browse a website or use an application, they will install files known as cookies in your browser or your device (smartphone, tablet, etc.). They are used to store information about your browsing habits. Like most websites, the CLIENT’S web portals use cookies to:

-Make sure the pages of the website correctly perform their function.

-Store user preferences, such as selected language or font size.

-Track your browsing history.

-Gather anonymous statistical data, such as the pages you have viewed or the time you have spent browsing our content.

We use cookies to optimise your browsing experience. We display information and services according to your interests with a view to enhancing your user experience whenever you visit our site. The CLIENT’S website uses cookies to perform a function, adapt content and make the user’s browsing experience as convenient as possible.

Cookies are associated exclusively with an anonymous user and their computer/device, and do not contain any indication that may make it possible to identify personal data. You may change your browser’s settings and/or reject cookies on the Client’s website at any time, without affecting your access to the content. However, the quality of the services provided may be impaired.

Users who complete the registration procedure or who have signed in with their login details may access personalised services. Their preferences are determined on the basis of personal information furnished during registration and stored in the cookie of their browser.

-While authentication cookies are, by default, temporary (according to session) and non-persistent, users may change them to persistent cookies by marking the “Remember login” box in the access control. For registered users.

-Session cookies are produced during the login process and expire 30 minutes after the last period of activity. For registered users.

-A so-called “language” cookie is created to store the language – on monolingual installations, this is simply the browser’s default language – but if the site supports several languages, it may be different depending on the chosen language. For all types of users.


How can I change my cookie settings?

By browsing and continuing to use our website, you consent to our use of cookies under the terms and conditions indicated in this Cookies Policy. CLIENT informs users of the content of this Cookies Policy during the registration procedure, without prejudice to users’ right to disable, clear and reject the use of cookies at any time.

At any rate, users are informed that, as cookies do not have to be enabled to use our website, they can choose to block or disable some or all cookies by adjusting the settings of their browser. Almost all browsers warn users about cookies or reject them automatically. Although you can continue to use our website even if you reject cookies, access to some of our services may be limited and the user experience will therefore be impaired.

How do I enable or disable cookies?

Users may select the cookies they wish to function on this website at any time by:

-Changing their browser’s settings; for instance:

Chrome, at

Explorer, from

Firefox, at

Safari, at

-Users can employ third-party tools available online to detect and, if applicable, disable cookies on every website they visit.