Fabric lightboxes & SEG frames

Smartframe is the tension fabric system for non-lit displays & backlit SEG lightboxes. A retail solution that is quick, easy and cost-effective. Available in a range of formats to suit all stores.

Smartframe Original

With its light aluminium frame, the original Smartframe range has a solution to suit every store. Available in SEG lightboxes and tension fabric displays.

Smartframe Slim

The range of thin fabric lightboxes are available in 31mm and 55mm profile. Ideal for stores where space is limited or for brands that need an integrated aesthetic.

Smartframe Round Corners

Thanks to Smartframe’s round corners it’s possible to create a softer in-store aesthetic. Easy on the eye, the round corners offer a smoother finish.

Smartframe Circles

Used alone or combining multiple sizes, the Smartframe range in circles allows brands to show off visuals in a playful and fun way.

Smartframe Shapes

Smartframe’s polygonal shapes are the perfect way to differentiate in-store visuals by creating a unique and lively display.

Smartframe Volume

Use eye-catching volumes as hanging signage, engaging displays or totems to make a powerful 3D statement.

Smartframe for Columns

The range of column lightboxes seamlessly wraps structural columns and creates new store corners to enhance ambiance in-store.

Smartframe for Windows

Make the most of store windows with Smartframe. The ideal solution that be fitted either a permanent fixture or a temporary solution.

Smartframe for Slot Frame Walling

This light box display can be adapted to the store’s current walling system to take full advantage of the potential communication displays.
Smartframe Original
Smartframe Slim Lightboxes
Smartframe Round Corners
Smartframe Circles
Smartframe Shapes
Smartframe Volume
Smartframe for Columns
Smartframe for Windows
Smartframe Walling

Meet Smartframe®

The original Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) display revolutionising retail since 2001. Available as non-lit frames or backlit retail light boxes, our patented frameless tension fabric system has a solution to suit every store. All Smartframe stretch fabric displays are certified with the European CE and the American UL.


Fabric lightboxes

Tension fabric lightboxes can be custom manufactured in size and shape to fit the needs of every store. Each silicon edge backlit fabric display is developed in-house based on the most advanced LED technologies.

  1. A variety of lighting options
  2. Single & double-sided LED light boxes
  3. Multiple accessories and fixing solutions
  4. Bespoke dimensions
Fabric lightbox with LED technology
SEG fabric frames

SEG frames

Our tension fabric frames are the easy and effective non-lit solution for in-store visual communication. Smartframe SEG displays are perfect for both simple and complex in-store communication projects.

  1. Ultra-slim SEG frames
  2. Single & double-sided fabric frames
  3. Multiple accessories and fixing solutions
  4. Bespoke dimensions

Need more info?

Reach out to find the ideal solution for your project. We are here to help!

A solution that fits

Smartframe is the easy and effective VM solution for retail campaings. Each tension fabric light box can be mounted without the help of specialised tradesmen or tools with a guaranteed perfect finish. Thanks to the SEG system now you can change your in-store graphics in a few seconds!

Fabric lightboxes
Quick & easy
No specialised workers are needed to assemble lightboxes that come in KIT packaging.
Retail campaigns
Global roll-outs
Smartframe is designed to meet the highest volume retail campaigns worldwide.
 SEG displays
Cost effective
The LED technology to ensure maximum durability and low-energy consumption.

Smartclip & KIT

Patented Smartclip locking system for easy in-store set up. Save up to 90% in transport and storage with Smartframe KIT.

Fabric printing

All Smartframe graphics are printed in-house with our cutting-edge Durst machinery to guarantee the best results.

Lighting lab

We are experts in a wide range of specialist in-store LED lighting solutions: perimeter, backlit, bespoke…

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