Fabric lightboxes & Non-lit frames

Meet our range of LED lightboxes and non-lit frames for in-store communication. A retail display that is quick, easy and cost-effective. Available in multiple sizes and formats.

Smartframe® Original

With its light aluminium frame, the original Smartframe range has a solution to suit every store. Available in SEG lightboxes and tension fabric displays.

Smartframe® Slim

The range of thin fabric lightboxes are available in 34mm and 65mm profile. Ideal for stores where space is limited or for brands that need an integrated aesthetic.

Smartframe® Circles

Used alone or combining multiple sizes, the Smartframe range in circles allows brands to show off visuals in a playful and fun way.

Smartframe® Round Corners

Thanks to Smartframe’s round corners it’s possible to create a softer in-store aesthetic. Easy on the eye, the round corners offer a smoother finish.

Smartframe® Shapes

Smartframe’s polygonal shapes are the perfect way to differentiate in-store visuals by creating a unique and lively display.

Smartframe® Volume

Use eye-catching volumes as hanging signage, engaging displays or totems to make a powerful 3D statement.

Smartframe® for Columns

The range of column lightboxes seamlessly wraps structural columns and creates new store corners to enhance ambiance in-store.

Smartframe® for Windows

Make the most of store windows with Smartframe. The ideal solution that be fitted either a permanent fixture or a temporary solution.

Smartframe® for Slot Frame Walling

This light box display can be adapted to the store’s current walling system to take full advantage of the potential communication displays.

Smartframe® Accessories

Maximise your product glorification and captivate your consumers with our new range of accessories.
Smartframe Original
Smartframe Slim Lightboxes
Smartframe Circles
Smartframe Round Corners
Smartframe Shapes
Smartframe Volume
Smartframe for Columns
Smartframe for Windows
Smartframe Walling
Smartframe Accessories


The original tension fabric display with silicone edge graphics (SEG). Available as non-lit frames or backlit LED lightboxes, Smartframe is the perfect visual merchandising solution for your retail campaigns. All our tension fabric displays are certified with the European CE and the American UL. Still not sure about what Smartframe product is right for you? Visit our FAQ and get all your questions answered.


Fabric lightboxes

Tension fabric lightboxes can be custom manufactured in size and shape to fit your needs in every store. Each backlit display is developed in-house based on the most advanced LED technologies.

  1. A variety of lighting options
  2. Single & double-sided SEG lightboxes
  3. Multiple accessories and fixing solutions
  4. Bespoke profile dimensions
Fabric lightbox with LED technology
SEG fabric frames

Non-lit frames

Our SEG textile frames are the easy and effective non-lit solution for in-store visual communication. Smartframe fabric displays are perfect for both simple and complex in-store communication projects.

  1. Ultra-slim SEG frames
  2. Single & double-sided fabric frames
  3. Multiple accessories and fixing solutions
  4. Bespoke profile dimensions

Smartframe ® Accessories

We offer a wide range of accessories that can be combined to take full advantage of the lightboxes and multiply the creative and communicative possibilities of your point of sale.

  1. Front and side fixing systems
  2. Magnify your product offering
  3. Enhances communication at the point of sale
  4. Create a unique and attractive space

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A solution that fits

Our tension fabric lightboxes and non-lit textile frames are available in a wide range of formats. Each SEG fabric display can be mounted without the help of specialised tradesmen or tools. Thanks to the SEG system now you can change your in-store graphics in a few seconds!

Fabric lightboxes
Quick & easy
No specialised workers are needed to assemble lightboxes and change printed graphics.
Retail campaigns
Global roll-outs
Smartframe is designed to meet the highest volume retail campaigns worldwide.
 SEG displays
Cost effective
The LED technology to ensure maximum durability and low-energy consumption.

Do you have a question about Smartframe?

Technical Queries

Design & Bespoke

Sustainable Solutions

Set-up & Shipping

Other Questions

Technical Queries

We custom design and manufacture our LED lightboxes and non-lit frames for each client to ensure the perfect fit for the store. Special formats such as Smartframe circles, columns, rounded corners are available in a range of standard sizes due to their technical specs. You can download the Smartframe catalogue which lists all possible sizes:

Our technical team designs the LED lightboxes to ensure the quality of light temperature and power consumption needed to achieve it. As such power consumption varies depending on the size and format of the lightbox. If you need to know the power consumption of a specific size and format, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Yes, it’s possible but it depends. Our technical team have done studies to confirm what sizes and shapes we can manufacture and still guarantee the quality of the product and the lighting (if using). You can download our catalogue of Smartframe Round Corners or Circles to see our standard options. If you need a specific size and format, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Despite both being Smartframe products that use the same SEG system, it’s not possible to convert a non-lit frame into a lightbox.

At the moment our LED lightboxes do not have an on/off switch although they can be unplugged from the electrical socket at any time (if required).

Design & Bespoke

The Smartframe range is available in a number of standard finishes including: white (RAL 9003), black (RAL 9011) and aluminium. We also offer a range of special finishes for select Smartframe products including: gold, silver and chestnut. Additionally we can paint your Smartframe product in a specific RAL (conditions apply). Download the Smartframe catalogue to see all the finishes.

We have a wide range of bases and supports. Our range includes wall supports, suspension systems and bases for free-standing displays or lightboxes. All of our accessories provide maximum support and stability to give you a range of options to incorporate Smartframe in your store. We can design and manufacture custom bases or other support systems for large roll-outs (conditions apply).

The entire Smartframe range has the option to include an additional textile on the back (or second side) of the profile. It can be a plain white opaque textile or a printed visual. In the case of single-sided lightboxes, an opaque textile is included in the cost to avoid light leakage.

Our technical team is able to develop bespoke solutions for the Smartframe textile and frame (conditions apply). If you have a specific query regarding Smartframe displays in high traffic areas, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Yes, it is possible but only using new frames or lightboxes. Our technical team will undertake a detailed study to evaluate the requirements of each client and store (conditions apply).

Our lightboxes are available with 1 metre or 3 metres cord options. Colour options are black or white. We offer the possibility of including custom cords for special projects (conditions apply).

Sustainable Solutions

Our printing machines use water-based inks (for non-lit frames) and inks free of volatile organic compounds. All of our printing inks comply with European REACH and TSCA in the USA in regards to chemical product regulations.

The profiles of our lightboxes and frames are made of 100% recyclable and 100% recycled aluminium. We work to maximise the life cycle of aluminium so that it is 100% sustainable. At our factory, we recycle the off-cuts and wastage generated during the manufacturing of our products.

Our technical team designs the LED lightboxes to ensure the quality of light temperature and power consumption needed to achieve it. As such power consumption varies depending on the size and format of the lightbox. If you need to know the power consumption of a specific size and format, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We have a range of environmentally textiles from 100% recycled plastic bottles (PET). The recycled textiles still maintain our high quality standards when it comes to printing. We also collaborate with local companies and research centres in the ongoing development of recycling systems for our printed textiles with the aim of having a circular product life cycle.

Discover all our sustainable solutions on our website in Sustainability.

Set-up & Shipping

Our LED lightboxes and non-lit frames have been designed for a fast, easy assembly without specialised tools or shopfitters. Our Smartframe KIT format and the Smartclip locking system, patented by Kendu, are even easier to set-up and not even a hex key is needed. You can see how fast and efficient our lightboxes are in this video.

Smartframe lightboxes and frames are packed individually. You can choose between flat-packed or pre-assembled according to the location of the store and the intended use of the Smartframe product. We also offer pallets for large-scale roll-outs. We encourage flat-pack shipping as it reduces transportation costs and the overall environmental impact of the shipping.

Lightboxes can be set-up by the brand either by their store staff or shopfitting team. We have teams of trained Smartframe shopfitters located in different countries which we can use if requested by the client or if the project has a more complicated installation. Just let us know what you need when asking for a quote.

Other Questions

SEG stands for Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG). Its a in-store visual or campaign visual printed onto fabric that has a silicone edge stitched in to allow for easy insertion into the tailormade channel in our aluminium profiles. The SEG system means fast and easy updates for your in-store visual solutions. The SEG system is available in both non-lit frames and LED lightboxes in the Smartframe range.

All our Smartframe displays have the European CE certification and the American UL certification. As our products met the most rigorous of international legislation, we are able to obtain additional certifications should your country require it.

Smartclip & KIT

Patented Smartclip locking system for easy in-store set up. Save up to 90% in transport and storage with Smartframe KIT.

Textile printing

All Smartframe graphics are printed in-house with our cutting-edge Durst machinery to guarantee the best results.

Lighting lab

We are experts in a wide range of specialist in-store LED lighting solutions: perimeter, backlit, bespoke…

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