KENDU RETAIL, S.L., in order to achieve an outstanding level in the quality of all its activities and with full awareness of the need to contribute to environmental protection, undertakes the commitment to strive for continuous improvement in all its areas of activity, in accordance with the following principles:

Achieve client satisfaction, adapting to their needs and proposing appropriate improvements to each project. Ensure continuous collaboration and involvement with the client in each and every stage of project development and execution.

Analyze the risks and opportunities derived from each of the initiatives and procedures implemented.

Actively seek growth in new markets, always guided by the quality and sustainability criteria defined from headquarters.

Comply with applicable legal requirements and other requirements undertaken by the Company, including requirements applicable to clients.

Systematically incorporate environmental criteria as part of the variables involved in the design stage of our products, and continually improve their environmental performance, with the aim of achieving a net reduction in their negative environmental impact throughout their entire life cycle.

Actively strive for continuous improvement of the quality management system and its results, by each of the employees and with continued support from Management.

Become a benchmark in the market in terms of innovation, quality and service, applying these values both to Kendu – the brand and the company – and to all the products developed.

Guarantee that the people at the company’ have the necessary level of participation, training, motivation and the technical means for to fulfill their duties in an efficient manner, promoting the human and professional development of all of them.

Provide interested parties with an exciting business project, constantly anticipating the needs of all interested parties and potential changes in the industry, and with a long-term vision.

Policy holder & update

The holder of this policy is the Management at Kendu. Any subsequent substantial changes to this policy will be communicated to employees via email and the updated version of this policy made available on the company’s intranet.

The contents of this policy is in a process of continuous improvement which will be reflected in its annual review.

This policy was approved by the Management Team in June 2023.

Joseba Egaña – CEO & Founder at Kendu