Kendu and

An adaptable structure for all stores

The challenge

O2, was looking to change the traditional, functional retail concept of the telecommunication store into an inspirational space where customers could partake in a unique in-store experience. The key to the re-design of their retail stores was “interaction” as the brand wanted to focus on 3 key elements: to ensure that their customers would discover relevant in-store stories, to showcase the latest in mobile technology, and, above all, that their customers would encounter a reason to return to the store. With this in mind, O2 decided to establish an “Inspire Zone” which could be replicated throughout their stores in Germany. The “Inspire Zone” would consist of a structure that included digital screens, lightboxes and conventional in-store communication displays. Additionally, the overall ease of use, from installation to updating digital and visual content, as well as its capacity to adapt to the different store layouts were key requirements for the brand.

The solution

After the successful execution of various prototypes for O2 stores, Kendu’s Technical Department designed and manufactured 4 different modular lightbox structures in the shape of a L or an U. All 4 structures met the key “Inspire Zone” requirements and could be easily adapted to a variety of store layouts. In addition to designing and manufacturing the structures, Kendu was also responsible for the installation process across Germany. To ensure the ease of installation, Kendu devised clear, concise set–up instructions complete with an instructional video for the shop-fitters to use in-store. The precise packaging and labelling of each individual piece enabled an efficient installation in all stores.

The result

The German O2 stores are an example of an innovative, ground-breaking in-store solution for the telecommunications sector. The “Inspire Zones” invite potential clients to interact with the displayed products, to discover the latest developments and play a major role in a new in-store experience. Furthermore, thanks to the Smartframe system and the extendable arms located behind the digital screens, changing both the printed textiles and digital content is fast and effortless. This allows O2 to update the in-store communication at any time without the need for specialised staff. The initial roll-out of 45 stores in Germany has now been extended to include all new store openings in 2017.