A shop window is much more than a space for showcasing products and offers, it is the main point of contact that a brand has with the outside world. Thanks to them, brands can share their messages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Over the last year, restrictions on physical retail have led many brands to give more prominence to these spaces, after months of being the only physical point of contact with the public. The pandemic has changed the way in which many retailers use their shop windows, resulting in the appearance of a multitude of new innovative concepts to reconnect with consumers. Factors such as creativity, innovation or technology are more important now than ever as a way to differentiate yourself from other brands.

How do you make a show window stand out? Here we introduce 4 types of shop window that are becoming increasingly popular, offering brands surprising solutions to surprise the public.

Take a look at these examples! 

The outside shopping window

How about enjoying a shopping experience without needing to set foot in the shop? The clothes and accessories brand Kate Spade Saturday, in collaboration with eBay, designed a shop window in which users can buy any product from the street. In the same way as a vending machine, customers can order items at any time and choose which click&collect point they want to collect their order from or have it delivered straight to their door. A solution that meets the capacity limits many countries now have in place! 

Immersive shop window

An immersive shop window aims to create an experience in which visitors take the lead, both in and outside of the shop. Vans surprised the customers of one of its shops in California with a window that allowed users to interact with fictional characters thanks to VyuAR technology, causing great excitement among visitors to the shopping centre. 

Interactive shop window

This increasingly popular trend used by many shops was born from the user’s need to find out more about the products on show. QR codes, AR technology, touchscreen displays… there are dozens of ways for brands to apply a solution like this to their shops. Adidas unveiled a shop window with a huge interactive screen that enabled users to see the latest products, find out more about them and even join the queue to pay right from the street!

Dynamic shop window

Is it possible to create a shop window that is always changing? A space with a mixture of digital and tangible elements, whether screens, light boxes, displays, props or branded products. In 2017, 2018 and 2019, Galeries Lafayette used Flowbox, the dynamic lightbox by Kendu, to make their shop windows stand out on Boulevard Haussmann. Don’t forget to watch our case study video!

These 4 shop window ideas offer different ways to boost the impact of a brand beyond the inside of the shop and make the most of a space that is always open to the public. Being innovative and responding to the needs of our customers can help us to stand out even more in the consumer’s mind.  

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