The (Super)Market Revolution (II): the Shift of the Supermarket Shelves

July, 24th 2018

The supermarket shelves have also experienced a shift not only in what is displayed but how it’s the displayed in response to the new-look modern consumer seeks out authenticity and specialisation. Even the everyday basics of bread and milk have been revolutionised with new ingredients, new suppliers and new options as supermarkets take a step in the right direction to satisfy the new shopper.

The increase of consumers looking to include healthier food options in their diet has meant that the supermarket has responded with larger selections of their shelves being dedicated to more natural and organic produce. Consumers with intolerances, allergies or those simply focused on better health and wellness now demand a supermarket that can fully cater to their needs. The new direction of a more lifestyle-focused format means that vegan, flexitarian, gluten-free, lactose-free and “better for you” items are now common place and easy-to-find in the average supermarket.

The “think global, act local” movement has also filtered into the grocery sector with consumers demanding products that are locally or regionally sourced. The hyperlocal offering benefits small and medium sized producers in local areas as well as creating a positive sense of community responsibility between the supermarket and the shopper. With the push for a greater focus on seasonal availability, shoppers can also enjoy fresh produce throughout the year that has spent less time in cold storage.

The premiumisation of the private label has come into its own as supermarkets look to distinguish their own label among the complex and competitive shelves. The new premium offering ties into the shopper’s “value for money” mentality with its considerable cost savings while also giving them access to a superior product. Private labels have also been shown to help to drive customer loyalty resulting in more frequent shopping trips and a bigger spend on average.

Supermarket shopping has also been turned on its head as busy shoppers require a wider range of produce and products available in the same space. In fact, picking up a dozen eggs and a new set of kid’s pyjamas at the same time is now possible! Supermarkets have incorporated new fashion lines, featuring plenty of basics and stand-out pieces, in direct competition with well-known high-street fashion brands.

Stay tuned for the final chapter in our three-part special report on the (super)market revolution.