Pop up stores

July, 7th 2017

"Here today, gone tomorrow"

As customers are increasingly attracted to rare, exclusive and unique experiences, the pop-up store has become a go-to marketing tool for retailers looking to test new products, generate buzz, build brand awareness or drive sales. These short-term sales spaces can be found all over the world in a variety of shapes and sizes including traditional brick-and mortar stores, stores-within-a-store, standalone kiosks and even branded vehicles that visit different cities.

Here’s our pick of the brands that are doing it best when it comes to taking advantage of the pop-up store format.



Nike recently launched an interactive pop-up running track in Manila in The Philippines, where runners were able to track their individual progress via a LED avatar of themselves. The avatar marked the runner’s best time, pushing them to achieve a new PB. This innovative training environment offers an engaging experience driven by what is at the heart of the brand – running.

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Until recently Amazon was a solely online retail player but it has now expanded its consumer reach by installing pop-up stores in malls across the US. Amazon’s expansion into the physical world started with bookstores but the teach giant now offers pop-up kiosks where customers can test out new devices, learn about their Prime service and discover unique content via Amazon Originals.

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In celebration of its introduction into the Spanish market 20 years ago, Ikea opened a pop-up store in both Madrid and Barcelona. Both contained exclusive products not available in other Iberian stores and paid tribute to Ikea’s Swedish heritage. Visitors could also take part in different workshops to learn how to personalise their furniture.

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- Experimentation-

Google opened a pop-up store in the heart of Manhattan to make it easier for consumers to check out all the latest Google gadgets. The temporary store wasn’t selling any products but instead providing consumers with an interactive experience. A mock-up kitchen and living-room housed "Made by Google" products including the Pixel phone, Google Home, 4K Chromecast Ultra, Google Wi-Fi routers and Daydream View VR.

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To improve accessibility for Club Members, the premium coffee brand uses temporary pop-up stores so that customers can conveniently buy their favourite capsules, taste new flavours and try out the latest machines in city centric locations. Nespresso Club Members can also hand in used capsules so that they can be recycled. And guess who manufactures the lightboxes they use? Kendu!