How is Customer Experience Design Shaping Retail?

September, 13th 2019

Everyone is talking about Customer Experience Design. But what does it really mean? How can we implement it effectively into the retail offering and what are the current trends that are driving consumer behaviour? Let's ask the experts at frog, a global design and strategy firm with over 50 years of experience. 


Meet Scott King

Scott is an Executive Director of Strategy at frog. He leads the strategy practice in the Texas studio, and is a sector lead for frog’s Consumer and Retail vertical. Prior to Frog, Scott held a variety of positions in product and brand management and worked as a management consultant.

Meet Tim Morey

Tim is the VP of Strategy at frog. He leads a global team of strategy practitioners who work alongside frog’s designers and technologists to ensure the successful commercialisation of products, services and experiences. Prior to frog, Tim held a variety of product management, marketing and strategy roles in Silicon Valley companies.

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