Kendu and
House of Fraser: Christmas

Show-stopping Christmas store windows

The Challenge

House of Fraser wanted to make their store windows stand out during the festive season to play into the British tradition of a Christmas shopping trip to a department store. A key focus was their Oxford Street store as it needed to stop shoppers in their tracks along London’s busiest shopping street. Equipped with a nostalgic Christmas campaign, the brand aimed to bring the merry back into their Christmas windows in both the UK and Ireland.

The Solution

Working together with House of Fraser, Kendu proposed installing the new dynamic display, Flowbox, to bring their Oxford Street store windows to life with a bright, bold display. Inspired by the campaign’s tagline “Bring Merry Back”, Kendu designed a personalised creative concept which included complementary colourful motion effects aimed at increasing customer attention. The printed visual used Kendu’s award-winning double-sided printing technique for an extra “wow” effect. The displays were sent flat-packed, along with the printed visual and pre-programed SD card, to ensure ease of installation on launch day. The Oxford Street store also featured 7 customised large-format lightboxes promoting the Christmas campaign in the high-traffic heart of the store. In addition, Kendu printed over 300 Christmas themed printed visuals to be featured in more than 50 House of Fraser stores.


Want an even more surprising in-store installation? Our in-house Creative Department are constantly developing new and exciting Flowbox effects such as double-sided and anaglyph visuals. We've got the magic touch and we're not afraid to use it.