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Bringing the magic of Disney through in-store solutions


The family entertainment giant, Disney, was looking for a way to reflect the magic of their films into 11 of their stores selling Disney merchandise in Florida, US. They needed visual solutions that could bring a sense of wonder and enchantment to their stores, representing their beloved characters and lighting up their shop entrances. All the solutions needed to be easily updatable to promote new films when released into the market.


The Kendu team presented a range of visual solutions that with technical and creative adaptation, could be perfectly suited to the Disney experience. To entice customers into the store with exciting window displays, Kendu proposed a range of Smartframe volumes and lightboxes with slot walling systems that could be combined and adapted to suit different merchandising compositions. A lightbox archway was also developed for the entrance so that customers began their in-store journey surrounded by light. Inside, Disney chose Kendu’s dynamic display, Flowbox, to bring their characters from Star Wars, Cinderella and Mickey and Minnie Mouse to life with vivid colours and motion graphics. A range of lightboxes and textiles were expertly adapted with curves and irregular corners to the shape of their hero character. All of the products were delivered flat-packed to either the Disney warehouses or directly to the Disney shops as required, accompanied by detailed installation instructions.

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