Presenting the latest in retail technology at Gitex 2020

The UAE-based telecommunications giant, Etisalat, took the opportunity to showcase its latest developments and technological trends at last year’s GITEX in Dubai, one of the very few in-person events in 2020. On the back of the success of the Connected Fashion concept in 2019, Etisalat decided to bring Kendu on board to present its technological solutions which are designed to enhance the consumer’s point-of-sale experience. Our aim? To design and create a 300m2 space with a view to presenting the latest technological developments for the lifestyle and food retail sectors.

We started by identifying the most cutting-edge trends and technologies that would outline our strategic approach to the design of the space and experiences. In view of Kendu’s internal development capacities and our network of partners, we were able to create more than 30 interactive experiences for Etisalat, and establish a common thread distinguishable at every point of the journey through the stand.

The Solution

The experiences were designed and developed on the basis of several strategic approaches, starting with the Touchless Retail approach. This concept, which many brands are currently prioritising, is being used to expand services and to develop a sale experience involving minimum contact with the customer. Specific examples of some experiences, such as Digital Tailor, gave a brief insight into what stores might expect to see in the very near future.

On the other hand, the Seamless concept seeks to adapt points of sale with a view to accommodating an omnichannel purchase experience characterised by zero interruptions and a personalised service available to consumers. Custom payment methods, a 24/7 Q&A mechanism, the Food Recommender… were among the solutions developed for the event.

The third concept of the strategic approach was Customisation. This aspect focuses on the capacity of a brand to tailor products and services to the particular needs of each and every customer. Examples of product customisation concepts included Live Customization and AR make-up.

These concepts helped us to define the strategic approach we used to develop the space and its experiences. We consequently constructed a journey which struck a perfect balance between solutions both of the eye-catching and functional sort, and areas which promote an environment of relaxation and inspiration. Kendu designed and coordinated the whole project including the strategy, the definition of experiences, the stand’s aesthetics, the digital content and the creation and installation of structures. The stand, which was a resounding success, received on-site and online visitors and exceeded the expectations of Etisalat.

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