In-store digital experiences

At Kendu we develop customised interactive store displays & digital signage solutions to boost customer engagement through unique shopping experiences.


Interactive Flowbox

Taking Flowbox to the next level with an interactive display. This dynamic light box will visually react to the presence of a shopper, responding to movement or virtual buttons, creating a dialogue and memorable moment for the interactee. A creative touch to, for example, showcase a product’s main features.


Flowbox interactive
Video mapping surf table

Video mapping customisation

In this experience customers can personalise a real product to visualise and truly see how their own creation will look. With the help of video mapping, users can mix and match their designs in real time. Thanks to this technology, the user will feel more confident when placing an order.


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Bespoke retail experiences

We provide customised solutions for retail brands for projects such as store renovations, new store concepts and refurbishments focused on in-store experience. We are with our clients every step of the way!