KENDU RETAIL, S.L., recognises the importance of sustainability and minimising the company’s impact on the environment. As a result, we take into account the environmental impact and consequences of our business actions. Furthermore, we actively include the implementation of sustainable business practices into our company’s strategic plan.

As we are driven to integrate sustainable development at all levels of the company, we have a corporate philosophy which guides our everyday life at Kendu: “We Live Blue”. Thus, our staff and the company as a whole are perfectly aligned to reach common sustainability goals. Moreover, we have a multidisciplinary team who develop and foster initiatives, objectives and tasks that are based on the 17 goals for “Sustainable Development” as outlined by the UN.

Additionally, we encourage good practice of sustainable objectives in the day-to-day tasks for our staff, both inside and outside the office, including, but not limited to, the responsible use of lights, using stairs instead of lifts, controlled use of air conditioning, avoiding the use of plastic cups and containers as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle. All of which is reinforced by internal messaging within the company and posters displayed around the workplace. Furthermore, we have a monthly newsletter “Eco News” which updates our staff about the company’s sustainable objectives and their associated actions.

Likewise, we employ a rigorous and selective process when choosing our suppliers. It is a requirement that they hold current certifications in regard to sustainable development, that they employ good business practices in relation to sustainability and that they are also considered to be an environmentally friendly company.

Our company aims to be leading example for both our clients and community as a whole which is why we:

a) Design products that generate the lowest energy consumption possible.

b) Reduce our carbon footprint.

c) Employ an Eco Design mentality when both designing products and sourcing materials. We hold the ISO 14006 certification.

d) Reuse, recycle and reduce all possible waste generated and employ the principles of a Circular Economy.

Policy holder & update

The holder of this policy is the Management at Kendu. Any subsequent substantial changes to this policy will be communicated to employees via email and the updated version of this policy made available on the company’s intranet.

The contents of this policy is in a process of continuous improvement which will be reflected in its annual review.

This policy was approved by the Management Team in April 2021.

Álvaro Cabrera – CEO at Kendu