Creating a unique atmosphere thanks to Flowbox

Nespresso, through the AAA Sustainable Quality Program, has spent more than 18 years promoting sustainable coffee production and improving the lives of farmers on coffee plantations around the world. Nespresso has recently launched the “Window to Farm” campaign, with the aim of bringing customers closer to the natural origin of the product and creating a unique atmosphere in their boutiques at a global level. That is where Flowbox came in!

The Solution

Kendu launched an international roll-out installing the Flowbox system in boutiques in more than 10 countries across 3 continents. On this occasion, our dynamic lightbox transformed itself into a “window” to the sustainable coffee plantations in Africa, with an animation that simulated in great detail the rising and setting of the sun over the plantations of Zimbabwe.

In collaboration with Nespresso’s design team, the display was integrated into a metal structure in the shape of a window and sound effects from the plantation added to create an even more immersive experience.

In the Barcelona boutique, Kendu also created a “skylight” structure that realistically simulates a blue sky thanks to Flowbox’s dynamism, creating a unique atmosphere in the shop that surprises its customers.

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