Top Trends from GlobalShop 2019

July, 8th 2019

Whilst exhibiting at GlobalShop our Technology and Design Team took a little time out to take stock of the latest trends in the sector. Responding to the need to create evermore experiential in-store environments, here are the solutions that are coming out on top.


For retailers to hold their ground in the physical space, they must do more than just sell products and digital solutions are helping them to connect with customers on a deeper level, whether that’s through entertaining or informative means. 

On the entertainment side, we saw a number of LED Transparent Displays. The glass panels can be placed in shop windows, allowing customers to see the product behind the glass whilst playing an animation across the screen and surrounding the product with a surprising creative or text. Our own augmented reality experience, activated by pointing an iPad at one of our SEGs, also surprised and delighted customers, showing how an interactive experience could be created for different product types, gamified and even linked through to a website to make a purchase. On the informative side, interactive pocket-sized shelf talkers were exhibited in an easy-to-attach format, allowing customers to find out more in-depth information without having to hang around for a sales assistant.

Kendu - Augmented Reality


Layers and textures were big news at this year’s trade show, whether it be through physical or optical methods, with the focus on providing solutions that don't not take up selling space. 

We really liked how Color X made use of Drop Paper to emulate nature, creating colorful, hanging layers reminiscent of a dense forest mixed with a tropical ocean bed. The intricately cut paper could be hung over existing interior décor to give texture and volume to an otherwise flat design. Other booths went for LED mirrors to give depth to in-store environments with a futuristic, space age feel. Textured wall coverings like those from Haptic Print could be digitally printed in a range of 3D patterns in different colors and substrates.

 All the solutions gave the feeling of a more tempting, tactile and enticing retail world.  

Color X - Paper Drop


GlobalShop seemed particularly bright this year, with a number of new and creative lighting solutions on display, drawing in visitors like a moth to a flame.

We saw light in a range of forms and shapes; from flexible LED tapes that could be manipulated into delicate, artistic shapes that changed color as programmed, to video mapping technologies that lit up selected objects with unexpected movement and dynamism. We loved how Radiant Manufacturing created a shimmering wall of plastic tabs attached to a backdrop with metal rings and when the tabs were hit with a gust of air, they caught the light, as well as the attention of visitors.

As consumers are increasingly attached to their laptops or mobile phones, it’s perhaps not surprising that retailers are searching for more stimulating and creative ways to light up their in-store experiences.

Radiant Manufacturing - SolarRay



Environmental messages were front and center stage at the trade show, from systems that analyzed the sustainability of an entire production chain to recycled display materials, it’s clear that retailers are adapting their key messages as saving the planet becomes top of consumers' minds.  

Our particular favorite was a recycled HP Satin Canvas made 100% from recycled water bottles. Others, such as Falcon Board, managed to create a whole stand from recycled materials.

With the climate crisis frequently featuring in the media, and the retail sector implicated as a key contributor to the problem, it’s a trend that is not going to go away, with more and more sophisticated solutions appearing over time.

HP - Satin Canvas

These were a few of our favorite discoveries at the trade show, but there were many more innovations to be seen, including within the Kendu booth itself. We’ll be sharing a full overview of all our latest products featured in the booth within the next week, so keep your eyes peeled!