After several weeks of a retail shutdown, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Governments around Europe have announced an easing of restrictions that allows stores to reopen. Although it varies country by country and store by store, it’s good news for retail.

Beyond our 360º capabilities in design, production and management of retail solutions, the real Kendu difference is our approach in putting the shopper first. After conducting a study of over 500 shoppers internationally, Kendu has developed realistic customer profiles, segments and shopping scenarios all to help retailers understand the new normal.

“Kendu has conducted a study of over 500 shoppers”

Keen to know more? It’s easy! Download the results and analysis of our “Shopper First” Survey by clicking on the “DOWNLOAD” button at the end of this news piece.

And now what? Based on the survey results, Kendu has released a new range of solutions and services that allow retailers to invest wisely to ensure a safe customer journey in-store with real results.

The solutions and services for the physical store enable brands to have a shopper first approach to win customers back into the store.

Get in contact with your Account Manager or email us at for more information about our range of solutions for the new normal, including prices and manufacturing lead times.

Customer behaviour survey infographic