The retail sector is constantly redefining itself in light of the ongoing changes in the consumer market as a result of new technology, brand globalisation and the shifting attitudes of the modern shopper. We are currently witnessing perhaps the biggest transformation of the retail sector in history.

Staying abreast of trends, being up-to-date on industry news and being informed about expert opinions is now, more than ever before, a necessity so we’ve decided to share with you our top 10 online retail resources to ensure you’re always ahead of the retail game.

1. Design Week

Design Week has been reporting on the design industry for nearly 30 years. Their recently relaunched digital platform has a Retail specific section which delves further into the latest news, views, inspiration and opinion about the retail industry. We love their Retail Inspiration page.

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2. Retail Gazette

Retail Gazette publishes independently sourced, high quality news content to ensure that retail professionals are informed and abreast of all the latest sector developments. It goes a one step further by providing in-depth analysis and insider commentary. Key features include topical weekly features, exclusives, reports and analysis on industry data and surveys. We especially like the high-profile interviews with leading industry figures.

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Retail Gazette

3. National Retail Federation

NRF is the world’s largest retail trade association, with retail members from both the USA and more than 45 other countries. The NRF publishes helpful insights such as the Top 100 Retailers Chart and also provides advice on best retail practices using practical case studies.

Country: United States | Website: click here | Social: LinkedIn page

National Retail Federation


VMSD offers the latest information about innovative projects, ideas, news and products in retail design. It aims to inspire and encourage visual communication professionals working within the retail sector. Our favourite is the design galleries which show off the best and brightest retail projects.

Country: United States | Website: click here | Social: LinkedIn group


5. design:retail

design:retail is a leading resource for tracking trends, products and projects that help craft tomorrow’s retail environments. It focuses on design strategies, technology applications, in-store marketing, new product resources and global trends via its website, magazine, industry events and trade shows. A must!

Country: United States | Website: click here | Social: LinkedIn group


6. MDS

MDS is an economic newspaper specialized on the fashion business on a global basis, a new media source born in 2018 with the aim of providing the best information needed by professionals in this industry. Knowledge, excellence, influence, independence, work, flexibility and commitment are the values of MDS.

Country: Spain | Website: click here | Social: Twitter


7. Retail Environments

Retail Environments is the official magazine of Shop! association. It focuses on the business of the ever-changing retail landscape and covers topics such as proprietary market analysis, industry issues, trends in the sector, opinion pieces from industry leaders and behind the scenes stories of exciting retail projects.

Country: United States | Website: click here | Social: LinkedIn group

8. Le Journal du Textile

Each week, Le Journal du Textile dives deep into the world of fashion and textiles in France. Covering fashion events, shopping hot spots, new fashion trends, upcoming exhibitions and more, it ensures that its readers are up-to-date with the ins and outs of the French fashion world.

Country: France | Website: click here | Social: LinkedIn page

9. Retail Design Blog

Retail Design Blog is ongoing project by Artica. Aimed at architects, designers, visual merchandisers, retailers, brand managers and fans of good design, it has more than 20,000 visitors per day. We’re big fans of their Eco category featuring new, sustainable products and projects. We live Blue!

Country: Hungary | Website: click here | Social: LinkedIn page

10. InfoRETAIL

infoRETAIL canvasses the retail industry and the large scale consumer sector in the 21st Century. With a focus on the Spanish market, it features interviews, in-depth features, profiles and articles. Available in both online and print, it’s an information hotspot for the FMCC and retail industry on the Iberian Peninsula.

Country: Spain | Website: click here | Social: LinkedIn page


The K Magazine

The latest in the retail news, design trends and industry reports. Keep up to date with what’s going in the retail sector with The K Magazine by Kendu.

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