Flowbox, the dynamic lightbox designed and manufactured exclusively by Kendu, has received a Red Dot Award: Product Design 2020. Recognised as one of the world’s most sought-after quality marks for good design, the Red Dot Award win highlights the power and potential of Flowbox for retailers.

Since its successful launch at EuroShop 2017, Flowbox has been embraced by the retail sector thanks to its innovative match between image and movement. In response to client feedback and with an aim of bettering the user experience, Kendu relaunched Flowbox in late 2019 with a brand-new product design. It’s thanks to our clients who push Kendu to constantly innovate to create unique shopping experiences for a sector that’s in constant change that the new and improved Flowbox has been awarded by the Red Dot jury.

The Red Dot jury complemented the new composition and innovation of the product, scoring Flowbox highly for design, aesthetic and quality of use stating “the animated images of Flowbox attract attention in a retail environment. The ease of use of the dynamic display is also very impressive.”

Flowbox is a cost-effective, energy efficient solution for stores. Its high impact and bespoke creative possibilities go hand in hand with its user-friendly set-up to make the internationally awarded dynamic lightbox a smart, sophisticated solution for retailers.

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