It’s no surprise that EuroShop is the most important retail event, a place to discover the latest and upcoming trends for the sector. Some of this year’s exhibitors decided on a rather quirky take on the current global pandemic that we find ourselves in! As you already know Kendu was there at EuroShop and in this moment of uncertainty we want to make sure you’re up to date and informed about all things retail related. As COVID-19 begins to affect the retail sector now, more than ever, is the time to look ahead and be ready to adapt and implement swiftly. That’s why we’re sharing with you 2020’s best and brightest retail trends. Here’s our top five that will be making a positive impact in the retail sector later this year.

EuroShop 2020 coronavirus

Textural movement

A key VM trend in EuroShop was textural movement in-store. By using textured materials, the store environment develops a sense of flow and movement creating a more vibrant customer experience. Walling and flooring are ideal areas to utilise textural movement especially when combining complementary textures and materials. From rough materials to fragile surfaces, voluminous shapes to 3D effects, the type of materials that can be used is infinite and also depends on what is best suited to the brand. A wide range of eco-friendly options are also available such as the recycled wooden flooring by JJ Copenhagen.


Mannequins: active or abstract?

Leading mannequin brands presented their new collections at EuroShop 2020 with two clear trends; active mannequins and abstract mannequins. As a key element for store windows, the new lines allow brands to create more exciting displays. Active mannequins, with their sporting poses, fluid lines and muscular body shapes, generate a sense of dynamism and the new “Olympia” collection from Sempere Mannequins evokes energy, victory and prestige. Abstract mannequins inspire creative new possibilities with Genesis Mannequins incorporating animal heads onto human bodies while Bonaveri employs textured fabrics to craft a unique look&feel.


A leading light

Lighting was another key trend at EuroShop 2020. As one of the most important elements in retail design, the right lighting can greatly influence the customer experience as well as produce the perfect ambiance. A subtle use of lighting in shelving, like that shown by Visplay, creates an elegant, sophisticated environment ideal for the Beauty sector. Employing different colour temperatures works well for the Grocery sector, enabling supermarkets to choose the right temperature to showcase different produce. For the Luxury sector, unique lighting installations with different forms such as circles or even creative compositions adds a special touch.


Is it a museum or a store?

Stores are no longer simply places in which to purchase a product. The latest trend for pop-up and concept stores is centred on creating spaces in which the experience, not the product, is the main focus. The key trend is for the store to look and feel more like a museum than place of purchase. Ways of incorporating the trend include creative installations made from fresh or artificial flowers or even unusual graphic elements. Abstract displays can also be used to create an atmosphere similar to that of an art gallery. Monotoned window displays which echo the art gallery them are very on trend as seen in the “total red” display from Duo Design.


Interactive & experiential

Interactivity and experiential are key when it comes to the in-store experience. The ability for a customer to experience and interact with a brand creates a deeper connection building greater customer loyalty. Interactivity was a shining star at EuroShop thanks to the new in-store of technologies such as VR and AR with visitors experiencing some of retail’s most exciting new technologies which will be available in the coming months. The key for interactivity is to ensure that it improves the customer experience when in-store and at the moment of purchase. Technologies should also be used to establish a better omni channel experience no matter what channel the customer is using.

Interactive displays