Lighting up a 13 metre long lightbox

Primark is a true destination store that allows fashion fans to keep up with the latest looks without breaking the bank. A visit to a Primark store is an experience in itself and the opening of a new store is a city showstopper! When the company inaugurated its latest store in Madrid, it instantly became a trending topic. The opening was testament to the brand’s incredible attention to detail to ensure that new stores live up to the hype, creating unique store experiences for fashion fans and becoming a top news story, and it was no different when Munich’s first ever Primark store was opened in May 2018. The new store was part of the brand’s continued European expansion and, due to the building’s restrictive features including a curved window display with limited access and large structural columns throughout the shop floor, the visual communication solutions needed to be customised to achieve the perfect Primark look&feel.

Primark lightboxes

The Solution

The team at Kendu overcame the technical challenges by designing customised lightbox compositions that not only adapted to the building’s structural limitations but also created large-format spaces for additional in-store communication and decoration. For the main window display, eight large-format lightboxes each measuring 4.6 meters high by 1.6 metres wide, were installed to achieve a spectacular 13-metre-long visual above the store’s entrance. For easy installation, the lightboxes were shipped in three semi-assembled parts and included customised set-up instructions for the shop-fitters.

Additionally, Kendu manufactured 34 LED lightboxes to cover up the unsightly structural columns on the shop floor. The new visual communication space, each measuring 2.5 metres high, was used as signage for the different sections of the store as well as to communicate positive messages about respect for people and for the planet further reinforcing Primark’s commitment to its ethical approach from sourcing to store.

Primark lightboxes and fabric frames
Smartframe Window
Smartframe Window
Smartframe Slim
Smartframe Slim

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