6ixty 8ight, one of the fastest growing Asian fashion brands, was looking for a partner to develop the visual communication for its flagship store window display in Singapore 


The challenge was issued to Kendu to develop a VM solution that would deliver tangible results in just three weeks. To achieve optimal results, close collaboration between the brand and Kendu was vital. The key objective for the brand was to increase in sales within the store which had been drivien by the campaign. 


The Solution

The solution presented by Kendu was to install Flowbox, the dynamic lightbox, in the store window. 6ixty 8ight provided the campaign image and from there on Kendu worked with the brand to deliver graphic design services, digital design animation and campaign management of the project. The process was characterised by a high level of collaboration and involvement between the two companies to create a bespoke solution that would impact on store sales.

The dynamic store window featuring Flowbox had a huge impact on store sales with a 4% increase in the homewear category. It even made Orchardgateway the number one store, surpassing in a few months Bugis, which used to be 6ixty 8ight’s top sales store. The result showed the effectiveness of the dynamic lightbox and its potential to generate a tangible result for the brand, increasing share of sales since its installation. The project was also successful in enbling the brand to test out the product as well as presenting to its existing customer base.

The photo featuring “The Solution” has been obtained from Retail & Leisure International.

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