The K Magazine #7

October, 14th 2019

Sustainability. Going Green. Eco-Friendly.

With more than 71% of shoppers saying they consider the environmental impact of their purchases, retailers need to put sustainability at the forefront of their brand strategy if they want to stay relevant. Fortunately, our 7th edition of The K Magazine covers all you need to know about what sustainability means for the retail sector.

We speak to the CSR & Sustainability Director of L’Oreal Spain, Iñigo Larraya, about how the company is “sharing beauty with all” on page 26. We examine the big fashion brands making a big environmental difference on the high street on page 12 and highlight how supermarkets are putting sustainability first in page 46. Our eight-page Eco Report on page 32 delves into what it means to be green in retail, the challenges, the consumers and the eco-conscious brands doing it well.