The K magazine #5

March, 4th 2019

The K Magazine #5 is now available and this time we’re tackling technology in the retail sector.

Disruption, omnichannel, digital transformation, hyper-personalisation and social shopping are all hot topics in the industry, so it’s only wise to take a step back and look at the influence and impact that technology is having on retail.

If you’re looking for some insight check out page 48 for tips on how train staff in these technological times or head to page 41 for our top retail reads to keep you informed throughout 2019. On page 36 we travel to Shanghai to explore its high-tech tourist attractions while our Special Report analyses the trends and the tastemakers of retail technology on page 30.

We’re honoured that Jose Avalos from Intel, one of the leading technology companies, is our feature interview for this edition. Turn to page 24 to find out more about the digital future of retail and we’ve also included a very special interview with new Kendu CEO Álvaro Cabrera on page 8.

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