The K magazine #4

October, 24th 2018

The K Magazine #4 is out now!

Did you know that 1% of the world’s active population work in a creative industry and in Europe alone, the creative industry employs 7.7 million people? This amazing industry reaches above and beyond retail so our final edition of The K Magazine for 2018 celebrates all things Creative.

Want to know more about this industry that contributes up to 7% of the national GDP? Read our six-page Special Report on the Creative Economy. This edition we’ve honoured the top 10 creatives who changed the course of modern history and highlighted those who are making a difference in fashion, branding and online with our behind-the-scenes interviews with Edeline Lee, Husmee Studio Graphique and Plastic. For those who struggle to “be creative”, we’ve compiled the best tips and tricks to get your creative juices flowing in the workplace.

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