Sustainability in the Beauty Sector

November, 26th 2019

The drive for green and clean beauty products has revolutionised the beauty industry, with both cosmetic and skincare companies now striving to deliver cleaner, safer and better products. In fact, in the US alone "natural" personal care and beauty products generated more than $1.5 billion in sales in 2018. 

With expanding distribution channels, increasing customer reach online and shifts in retailers perceptions about sustainable products, leading personal care company L'Oréal saw an opportunity to transform itself as a company and the sector as a whole into a more sustainable business model when it launched the "Sharing Beauty With All" programme in 2013.

We speak to CSR and Sustainability Director for the L’Oréal Group in Spain, Iñigo Larraya, about the L'Oréal's in-depth transformation, the innovative programme and becoming the group's first brand worldwide to be 100% carbon neutral. 

In our interview, previously featured in The K Magazine nº7, Larraya discusses the pillars of a good RSC strategy, the role innovation plays in sustainability, whether or not commercial success and a commitment to sustainability can go hand in hand as well as current and future trends for retailers in terms of sustainability.