Solutions for enchanting in-store experiences

August, 20th 2019

We know it’s only August, but as your biggest sales challenge of the year, we probably don’t have to tell you it’s time to start thinking about Christmas. Kendu can offer a wide range of creative solutions to create enticing in-store experiences that awake the magic of Christmas inside customers. It worked for our collaboration with Galeries Lafayette, it can work for you too…



Flowbox combines printed visuals with dynamic LED displays, allowing you to create endless animated Christmas scenes. From gently falling snow to presents bursting open, our in-house Creative Department can perfectly meet your brief.  Our beautiful Parisian backdrop for a collaboration with Galeries Lafayette won 7 international awards.



From cosy wood cabin scenes with open fires to the sparkle of party dresses and decorations, our special finish frames can complement any Christmas campaign. Just ask about our gold, silver and wood Smartframe solutions, all manufactured in-house and available with easy-to-update printed visuals.


We can creatively integrate products with our Smartframe lightboxes with a range of shelving and support solutions, meaning you can present those perfect stocking fillers with a more imaginative campaign story that doesn’t take up any space in store.


Our Smartframe solutions can be combined together to create three dimensional scenes that transport the outside world to your store. A visual merchandisers dream, mannequins and product accessories suddenly come to life. A quick change of the visuals means new environments are created quickly and cost effectively.


Our Smartframe system is so versatile, we can create frames in any shape or volume you require and print and cut the visuals with images or textures to fit. Having already created the iconic shape of the Mickey Mouse ears, we have the capabilities to create all kinds of Christmas forms; imagine nutcrackers, snowy forests, winter cityscapes or glowing, over-sized presents.

If you'd like to find out more about how we can bring Christmas to your stores, whether it's a wintery window scene or a Christmas corner, get in touch to find out how our in-house Creative Team can help.