Lighting plays an essential role in the visual communication of the point of sale, especially when it comes to the retail sector. It allows us to create different scenarios, spaces, adding versatility to the store. 

At Kendu, we use LED lighting in our Lightboxes. A solution that reduces energy consumption during the life cycle of our products. 

The options to locate visual displays are endless, and they help you create an in-store ambience in line with your brand values. The sky is the limit, be surprised by the following proposals!

Ceiling lightboxes

The lightboxes located on the ceiling are ideal for illuminating the store from a wide perspective, as well as for playing with shapes and highlighting spaces. An alternative that makes the customer’s shopping experience more immersive, one that can even emulate nature through creative visuals. Suspended lightboxes can also help retailers highlight areas to attract customers and serve as in-store signage.

Shop window lightboxes

Meanwhile, shop window lighting quickly captures the attention from the outside of the store. British fashion brand All Saints chose to illuminate the front windows of its store in Glasgow city centre using individual Flowbox® dynamic lightboxes. The rendering succeeded in creating an energetic and engaging representation of the brand. 

Wall mounted lightboxes

Wall mounted lightboxes are perfect for highlighting specific areas of the store and making them stand out from other sections. They can also be integrated into architectural elements, thus creating visual solutions. Nespresso was one of the companies that opted for this, providing its boutiques around the world with an immersive shopping experience, capable of connecting customer and brand. Overall, an optimal solution, for enclosed spaces, to involve the customer and communicate the brand essence. 

store lightbox Nespresso

One lightbox, infinite options

The combination of animations by dynamic lightboxes, together with traditional Visual Merchandising elements, play a key role in in-store communication. A clear example of this is the Christmas window display of Galeries Lafayette, where all the visual elements were seamlessly integrated and managed to create a differentiating effect in their shop windows. 

The use of RGB lighting in-store, with perimeter LEDs programmed to change colour and intensity, results in dynamic and colourful environments. A recommended solution for large format lightboxes, especially when placed at store entrances, or for highlighting different areas in the store. 

Through dimmable light, you can have absolute control over the intensity of lightboxes. It makes the creation of different atmospheres and their adaptation to the rest of the store possible. You can highlight specific areas, as well as create moods that go with the general theme.

The customisable colour temperature brings us several options when it comes to conveying in our point of sale. Each colour temperature works different in separate scenarios, such is the case of including lightboxes in the fitting room. A visual solution that seeks to create a cosy space through 3000K colour temperature lighting, to make the customer feel as comfortable as possible. 

store fitting room lightbox

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