With the development of online commerce & technology, much is the uncertainty around physical stores. An experience, for many people, irreplaceable despite the comfort online shops offer. 

There’s evidence that sensory factors play a decisive role in the psychological perception of the consumer. Marketing Mood Media agency, specialized in multimedia solutions for the point of sale, has recently published a global survey called ‘Improving the client experience: the impact of the sensory marketing’.

The report aims to highlight how recent changes have influenced the perceptions of customers. The data collected were based on a study conducted by Walnut Unlimited, a global market research agency specialised in neuroscience, psychology & behavioral economics. The study included more than 10.000 consumers of 10 countries around the world, including: Australia, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, China, France, Germany, Spain, UK & EE.UU. 

The report was based on “reviewing the recent changes in the perceptions & expectations of consumers’ shopping experience”. Its main objective was to analyse the impact of the shopping environment, where the sensory elements play a crucial role & have a direct influence in the behaviour of clients. Actions like returning to a store or making certain purchase are aspects directly influenced.

The information was key & shows that “78% of the potential buyers around the world consider that a pleasant atmosphere in the store is a decisive factor in their choice of buying in a store versus using e-commerce”. 

Furthermore, Spain & China are the countries in which the presence of sensory elements has most influence. According to the report, a pleasant shop environment is accomplished with an “adequate combination of musical, visual & aromatic stimulus”. The direct influence of the following sensory stimulus on purchasing behaviors is detailed below: 

Visual Content

More than a half of the surveyed customers (58%) say that “an appealing video content has a positive impact in the shops”. In the case of Spain, the figure rises to 64% & even 74% when it comes to the Generation Z.

We can find a clear example of visual content in the All Saints shop located at Glasgow Flagship. Through a dynamic façade, in collaboration with Kendu, the company not only increased its sales, but also, its likes on Instagram. 

Interaction & Customization

Being able to try, touch and feel products or services also leads the list. That’s why, 56% “prefers to buy in a physical store more than online”. The 38% of the consumers around the world, assert that “feeling that the experience is personalised to their preferences, increases the probability of making a purchase, being also the second decision making factor.


One in two consumers, highlights the importance of scent during its shopping experience & claims that a nice smell influences directly in their mood, improving it.

Behaviour Change

For 75% of consumers, the correct match of music, visuals & fragrance are decisive in staying longer in store. “75% of global consumers say that they stayed longer in stores with the presence of such components, a figure that rises to 82% in the case of Spanish consumers”

The Sound

The musical thread is a factor that never goes unnoticed & 85% of potential customers, put emphasis on it as a positive aspect. In addition, it has a direct impact in the clients’ mood & its ability to “raise the mood of a potential buyer in the store”.

By contrast, if the music is not adequate, “57% of the buyers are discouraged if brands make bad music choices”. 

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