A visual communication for an iconic brand

Revman is an industry leader in high quality bed and bath products in the US market. With an emphasis on quality products and reliable service, Revman’s portfolio includes prestigious international designer brands.

Well known for their expertise in designing and merchandising lifestyle collections, the challenge focused on constructing Calvin Klein’s showroom located on the 70th Floor of the iconic Empire State Building in NYC. The project aim was to reflect the brand’s sophisticated bedding collection with its elegant, dreamy, and timeless design

The Solution

With the layout already established and the bed displays installed, Revman needed a visual solution to elevate each of the Calvin Klein collections. Kendu proposed the installation of a series of integrated lightboxes, strategically placed to accentuate the space and amplify the design concept’s essence.

Utilizing its in-house production facilities in the US, Kendu manufactured a range of Smartframe lightboxes customized for the Calvin Klein showroom. Delivering a mix of wall-mounted and freestanding lightboxes, each featured graphics printed via dye-sublimation to achieve high quality visuals that matched the look&feel of the bedding collections aesthetic.

To ensure a seamless integration of the lightboxes, Revman requested installation services using Kendu’s in-house team of shop-fitters. The fit was not only efficient but also effective, meeting the delivery deadline and exceeding expectations.

Kendu’s visual solutions played a pivotal role in bringing to life Revman’s design concept for the Calvin Klein showroom. This project is a true testament of a collaboration between brand, retailer and supplier.

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