An eco-friendly initiative

L’Occitane, the leading French luxury retailer of premium products focused on wellness and natural beauty, sought to create a new store concept emphasizing sustainability and a stronger connection to nature for their new location in QuarterDIX30, Montreal, Canada.

The Solution

In collaboration with L’Occitane’s innovative design concept, which combines eco-friendly techniques with core elements of its true stories design, Kendu partnered to craft the ultimate modular experience. Kendu developed a range of free-standing and wall mounted Smartframe lightboxes and frames to enhance the sensorial experience L’Occitane aimed to achieve.

To seamlessly divide the sales floor from the stock room while maintaining the overall design integrity, Kendu implemented two major freestanding lightboxes. This strategic division enabled L’Occitane to incorporate impactful authentic imagery aligned with their sustainable initiatives.

Kendu’s eco-friendly initiatives further contributed to maintaining the entire concept on-brand, exemplifying the strong partnership between the retailer and the supplier.

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