In-store solutions for global retailers

At Kendu we offer a fully integrated service for major retail brands around the world to bring the best in-store experience. From Experience Design to Project Execution and Campaign Management.


Experience Design

Thanks to our in-house team of designers and creatives, specialised in retail and VM projects, Kendu has a customised solution for every store.

  1. In-store experiences
  2. Retail innovation
  3. Content creation
  4. Bespoke solutions
Design services
Project execution

Project Execution

Assured quality control and compliance with international standards, our in-house project execution guarantees the best service and solution for our clients.

  1. In-house manufacturing
  2. Textile/SEG printing
  3. Global partners
  4. Worldwide shipping & installation

Campaign Management

We offer integrated campaign management from the initial client order to the delivery of each and every element in its rightful store around the world.

  1. Campaign management platform
  2. Digital content creation
  3. Global rollouts
Campaign management

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