In-store 360º solutions

Backed by 20+ years working with the world’s biggest brands, we wholly understand its distinct communication needs and constantly evolve to meet them. At Kendu we offer a fully integrated service for retail companies to bring the best in-store experience. From experience design to project execution and campaign management.


Experience design

At Kendu we bring to life exciting, engaging and meaningful retail experiences. Thanks to our in-house team of designers and creatives, specialised in retail and VM projects, we have a solution for every store.

  1. Retail strategy & planning
  2. Environment design
  3. Content creation
  4. Bespoke retail projects
In-store experiences
Project execution

Project execution

We carry out the integral production of visual communication solutions. We complement our in-house manufacturing capacity with a global network of partners to take our solutions anywhere in the world.

  1. 8,000 sqm facilities
  2. SEG displays & printing
  3. Global partners
  4. Worldwide shipping & installation

Campaign management

We offer integrated campaign management from the initial client order to the delivery to every store around the world. Our printing capabilities allow us to manage retail campaigns of the world’s biggest retail brands.

  1. Campaign management platform
  2. Digital content management
  3. Worlwide rollouts
Campaign software

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At Kendu, we live retail. Discover why retail’s top global brands work with us.

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