Experts in retail campaign management

At Kendu we offer integrated project management from the initial client order to the delivery of each and every element to its rightful store around the world. Our printing capabilities allow us to manage retail campaigns of the world’s biggest retail brands.


Campaign Management Platform

We offer bespoke online platforms for campaign management. Developed in-house and in partnership with the client, our platforms facilitates the campaign managment process enabling brands to track displays, lightboxes and visuals as well as access an overview of all their stores. Customised options are created based on the client’s needs.


International Rollouts

We are experts in large-scale rollouts at a both a national and international level. We work with our clients to ensure a rollout that is delivered on time, without incidents and with a perfect finish. In the past year Kendu successfully rolled out:

  1. 30,000 displays
  2. 20,000 LED lightboxes
  3. 200,000 visuals
  4. 5,000 projects

Digital Content Management

With the brand strategy in mind, we work together with our clients to digitalise their stores. This includes the installation, content creation and management of Digital Signage and Flowbox, and in-store analytics solutions for our clients.

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