Even if it is imperceptible, it is always there, at the stratosphere. The ozone layer protects us from the harmful effects of the sun. Sometimes, even if we forget it, the ozone layer plays a protective role as a barrier against external aggressions.

It was discovered in 1913, but it was not until the Montreal Protocol came into force in 1989 that it began to be taken seriously. This international convention has taken on the task of ensuring their protection through various actions. In this way, the aim is to progressively eliminate any production that poses a threat to the environment.

Responsibility is individual and begins with every small action. From the products we consume to the most insignificant decision we make in our daily lives. From Ecología Verde, they propose the following 10 actions, which personally, will not cost you much and will help the collective good.

  • Avoid sprays or aerosols. Try to opt for products that don’t have a spray format.
  • Do not use fire extinguishers containing halons. Bromine is part of their components & is highly harmful for the ozone layer.
  • Buy CFC-free insulating material. Replace it with agglomerated cork, it will fulfill the same function without affecting the environment.
  • Maintain your air conditioner in properly conditions. This will prevent CFCs from leaking into the atmosphere.
  • Check your electrical appliances. If your electrical appliances do not work as they should, notify a technician, they may be leaking.
  • Don’t buy appliances with CFCs. Avoid buying objects that include CFCs among their components, especially air conditioners.
  • Reduce using high-consumption appliances. Whenever it is not expressly necessary, avoid using air conditioning and heating.
  • Report activities that use methyl bromide. If you suspect a crop where methyl bromide is used, report it.
  • Promote sustainable mobility. Make cycling or public transport your best ally.
  • Organize your route by car. When you move around, always use the shortest route. In addition to saving fuel, you will significantly reduce your environmental impact.

At Kendu, designing and manufacturing from an ethical point of view and being faithful to our circular economy model is our philosophy. Considering our eco manifesto, we work daily for sustainable products and services based on an ethical retail.

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We work daily for sustainable products and services based on an ethical retail.

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