Black Friday isn’t just another day on the advertising calendar; it’s a transformative force that leaves a significant mark on the retail world. It’s a day characterised by tempting offers and irresistible discounts with lasting impact for retailers.  

Various theories circulate about the origin of Black Friday. One hypothesis traces the expression back to Friday, September 24th in 1869, which, following a collapse in the gold market, might have prompted the expression “Black Friday”. However, the actual term “Black Friday” seemingly gained popularity in the 1950s in Philadelphia, where it has been linked to a chaotic shopping day before a game of American football.  

The Black Friday boom reached Spain in 2012 thanks to MediaMarkt. Although initially met with skepticism, retail giants like El Corte Inglés and Amazon came onboard in 2013. Come 2015, over 2 million people participated in Spain, spending an average of almost 300€ in a single day. Its popularity led to the establishment of Cyber Monday, extending the online shopping frenzy until the following Monday.  

The impact on retail

Black Friday is the kick-off for the Christmas shopping season. For many retailers, it sets the tone and direction for the rest of the festive period. Black Friday sales figures not only reflect immediate financial success but also act as a crucial indicator for predicting overall performance during the holiday season. Consumers, drawn by flash deals, also change their shopping habits by exploring new brands or products driven by enticing discounts. Retailers must be agile and ready to adapt to changing consumer preferences. It’s now or never!  

How to capitalise with visual communication

From eye-catching displays to vibrant digital ads, visual communication plays a crucial role in attracting consumers and creating positive in-store experiences. Organised product displays shelves, themed communication campaigns and clear wayfaring signage all guide shoppers to key areas of the store. Visual merchandising must be used as a strategy to tell visual stories that connect with consumers. First impressions count on a day filled with store visits. 

Brand consistency

Black Friday isn’t just a day for selling; it’s an opportunity to stand out. Innovative marketing strategies, both online and offline, are essential to shine in this competitive day. Visual consistency that reinforces the brand image helps to build trust and loyalty among consumers. It’s important that customers come for bargains, but they stay because of the brand.  

Cyber monday

Cyber Monday, much like its predecessor Black Friday, has emerged as a pivotal day in the retail landscape, shaping the way consumers approach online shopping. It represents a digital shopping extravaganza marked by exclusive deals and irresistible discounts that reverberate through the virtual corridors of e-commerce. 

Navigating the virtual marketplace requires agile strategies, with brand consistency emerging as the key to building trust and loyalty. Cyber Monday isn’t just about making sales; it’s an opportunity for brands to shine in the competitive digital realm, forging lasting connections with consumers drawn not only by discounts but by the overall online brand experience. 

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