Christmas is coming and with it, the streets are bathed in light and there is excitement in the air. Store windows become particularly important and the color red is the main star of the show. The creatives show off their Christmas proposals for a reason: to capture the attention of passers-by.

We talked to Alex Urrutia, our creative expert in Space Design, about the importance of finding the ideal Christmas window display.

Alex Urrutia, Specialist creative in Space Design.

What types of window displays inspire you?

I am inspired by Christmas themed window displays that are different from the norm. Those that have something special in terms of space, elements and messages.

What makes a good window display?

It needs to capture your attention and make you stop, so it needs to stand out from the rest.

What does a Christmas window display need?

Colors, mainly red. A combination of light and color but where red is always the predominent color. From there, you can break any of the usual rules.

Christmas card photographed by Puchero in London for STRABE.

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What do you think is the most eye-catching for consumers in visual merchandising?

They need to be feel they can relate with what the display is trying to narrate. It is essential that they feel part of the story that is being told.

Do you prefer a display with lots of visual merchandising elements or something more minimalist?

I like more minimalist and conceptual designs. The props are important but we must acknowledge that less is more. Therefore, I agree that you have to integrate elements that tell a story without taking anything away from the product.

Ultimately, there are an infinite number of possibilities and something for everyone. Your imagination is the only limit. What do you think are the must-haves in any Christmas window display?

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