We’re back with our final instalment of Christmas Windows 2023. This time we visit one of the oldest powerhouses of retail, London. 

During the Christmas period, the city’s stores showcase their global prestige in the world of visual merchandising. This year, London presents different styles of visual merchandising, combining lights and decorations that capture the consumer’s attention, surprising and delighting them. At Kendu, we bring you some of London’s best Christmas retail displays. 

Let’s get started! 



Selfridges created a universe of art and communication, blending it beautifully with Christmas. “Showtime” presents different scenes such as Santa Claus as a stage director, a diva acting as a Christmas tree and even a snowman as a comedian. The dramatic theatre curtains of one of the window displays also opens and closes automatically and is accompanied by a neon applause sign. 

Collage of Selfridges shop windows
“Showtime” turns Selfridges windows into a show.

These special Christmas windows were made possible by a unique collaboration: the characters were created by artist Max Allen, the hands were painted by Matilda Greenwood, and the hairstyles were crafted by Sam McKnight. 

Collage of Selfridges shop windows
Neon lights, red curtains and spotlights take centre stage at Selfridges.


Where Christmas Comes Alive

Christmas comes to life at the Piccadilly retailer. Fortnum & Mason’s windows are the stage where the store’s products celebrate Christmas. A sleigh pulled by woven baskets, champagne bottles and glasses that climb stairs, gift boxes having a party in an elevator and more. The retailer embraces a comic book style this year showcasing vibrant colours and Christmas decorations. 

Collage of Fortnum & Mason shop windows
Fortnum & Mason products have come to life this Christmas.

Sallie Smith, Head of Visual Presentation at Fortnum & Mason says, “customers come from far and wide to see our Christmas displays each year, and I am really proud of our 2023 design, which is full and colour and energy”.