Christmas has begun, and that means an opportunity for retailers to make a lasting impression on consumers. As people hit the streets to see the city’s light displays it’s crucial for stores to capture their attention. This is when window design and visual merchandising really come into their own. 

This year we’ve compiled our favourite festive window displays and to kick start we’re looking at the biggest name in retail in the Big Apple. Here is our pick of the retail stores in New York that really stood out in 2023. 

Let’s begin! 


Carrousel of Dreams

The luxury department store chain has joined forces with Dior to create an unprecedented Christmas window design. The “Carrousel of Dreams” celebrates the relationship between both brands for over 70 years.

The facade is covered with a spectacular installation of lights. These represent the zodiac signs, stars, and four-leaf clovers, referencing the superstitions and charms of its founder, Christian Dior. 

Saks Fifth Avenue façade for "Carrousel of Dreams" with Dior
Saks Fifth Avenue facade decorated for the “Carrousel of Dreams” campaign.

Their visual marketing strategy has focused on the connection between the luxury brand and the city. In their store windows, they fuse key corners of the Big Apple with the brand’s most iconic products, such as perfumes, makeup, and handbags. 

Dior window display at Saks Fith Avenue
Dior window display at Saks Fith Avenue
Dior window displays at Saks Fifth Avenue celebrate the brand’s attachment to New York City.
Dior window display at Saks Fith Avenue


Give Love

The department store chain has opted for window design based on children’s Christmas decorations. Their store windows are a holiday wonderland featuring whimsical materials and interactive elements.

Among them is Tiptoe, the little reindeer who is too shy to take flight and fulfill his dream of joining Santa Claus’s team. He’s joined on his adventure by a polar bear and a penguin. 

Macy's New York City facade for its "Give Love" holiday campaign.
Tiptoe has become the star of Macy’s Christmas campaign.

One of Macy’s Herald Square’s windows stands out with a button that activates a karaoke machine to sing the brand’s popular Christmas carol, “Give Love”.

Macy's Christmas 2023 window displays.
Each shop window has different Christmas decorations.


Isn’t it Brilliant

This year, Bergdorf Goodman has embraced futuristic Christmas window displays. Under the name “Isn’t it Brilliant,” they champion visual merchandising based on brightness, lights, and neon in their window displays. 

Bergdorf Goodmang window display based on glitter and silver.
Bergdorf Goodmang window display based on glitter and silver.
Begdorf Goodman’s Christmas 2023 window dressing (Ricky Zehavi)
Bergdorf Goodmang window display based on glitter and silver.

In the store windows titled “First Light” and “Tripping the Light Fantastic” there are animals covered in glitter, disco balls, and mirrors. While in “The Best & Brightest,” vintage neon light signs predominate. 

Window dressing based on neon and vintage signs called "The Best & Brightest".
Window dressing based on neon and vintage signs called “The Best & Brightest”. (Ricky Zehavi)


Best Holiday’s Ever

Bloomingdale’s hosts the sweetest Christmas visual merchandising in all of NYC. Their store windows “Best Holidays Ever” are sweetly inspired by the iconic chocolate factory, “Wonka” and coincides with the film’s release. 

Window dressing based on Wonka with sweet elements and bright colors.
Wonka-based window dressing (Matthew Carasella).
Window dressing based on Wonka with sweet elements and bright colors.
“Best Holiday’s Ever” is the name of Bloomingdales’ holiday campaign.

In their window displays, cheerful colors stand out, including the brand’s characteristic purple. There’s also a mannequin dressed as Willy Wonka and countless oversized sweets, including a chocolate fountain.

All of this is part of the “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” universe, reflecting the luxury chain’s connection to pop culture.

Mannequin dressed as Willy Wonka, next to a chocolate fountain.
Mannequin dressed as Willy Wonka, character from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” (Matthew Carasella).


Shine Bright

The New York shopping center has dazzled the city with a Christmas decoration that accumulates more than 2 million white lights as well as different hot air balloons suspended in the air. Christmas window displays are spread both inside and outside the venue. “Shine Bright,” the name of the 2023 Christmas campaign and it, features a light and animation show set to different Christmas carols that takes place every day at 5 p.m. 

Hudson Yards exterior illuminated with white lights and hot air balloons.
Hudson Yards’ 2023 holiday decorations rack up more than 2 million white lights.

That’s our wrap on NYC and it’s festive store windows. Stay tuned for our take on London… 

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