A synergistic combination of retail & office space

With its APAC headquarters located in Singapore, WeWork has been a fundamental collaborator for Kendu since its entry in the region in late 2019. In a region where speed, ubiquity and local knowledge is key, The We Company has provided a space and an opportunity to launch Kendu, its products and its services, to leading retailers in APAC.

The Solution

The collaboration kicked off with a pop-up space in WeWork’s Cross Street offices featuring Kendu’s range of hero products including the award-winning dynamic lightbox, Flowbox. 

For its new offices located in Singapore’s high-tech shopping destination, Funan, WeWork partnered with Kendu to design and install a dynamic display in the entrance. Visible from almost all angles, inside and outside, the creative teams from WeWork and Kendu collaborated to develop a bespoke visual and animation. 

The end result is a high-impact, bespoke animation that reinforces WeWork’s branding. With its logo animated using corporate colours, Flowbox helps to drive foot traffic into the offices and build overall brand awareness. It’s the future of retail in Singapore’s futuristic mall.

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