At Kendu we care about the environment and in 2022 we’re focused on developing more sustainable solutions for the retail sector. Driven by our “We Live Blue” philosophy, we’re developing a range of sustainable materials and products for brands to use in-store. This month we’re launching two new spaces in our Showroom in San Sebastián. Curious? Read on.

Sustainable Window Display

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Our sustainable window display is an explosion of colour and texture. Steering clear of the traditional colours used in sustainable solutions, we’ve created a store window in hues of blue, green, pink and more. Texture and interest is created thanks to our partners Sempere Mannequins with a bespoke bust made for Kendu and lush vegetation by Verdissimo. Combined with Kendu’s recycled visuals with a dynamic background featuring Flowbox, the sustainable store window shows that going green just got a lot more colourful.

The ECOrner

Our Green corner

We’re also created an interior space for the store called “The ECOrner”. It includes a range of products, textiles, materials and textures that work well both on their own and in a pop-up. The combination of different recycled visuals used in both Smartframe display and lightboxes attracts customer attention. We’ve also used different Smartframe shapes, such as a cube, rectangle and triangle, to add depth and dimension. Also featured is a brand new product that has been designed and developed by our in-house R&D team. The pop-up cleverly incorporates QR codes so that visitors can easily view our Circular Economy initiatives thanks to videos about the lifecycle of both visual/SEGs and aluminium.

Retail ECO Solutions

We’re aware of Kendu’s environmental impact as a company and it further motivates us to design and develop eco-friendly solutions for a greener retail sector.

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