Is there a role for AI in the Retail sector? What are consumers looking for? What are the latest trends and innovations in the industry? These questions crop up every year in the retail sector, and there’s no better forum than industry events to answer these burning questions. We’ve compiled a list of 10 must-attend retail events in 2024:

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1. StorePoint Retail

Interested in networking with professionals in the Retail industry? From January 21st to 24th in San Diego, California, dozens of Retail industry leaders will converge at The StorePoint Retail. This invite-only event ensures a personalised experience and greater ease in making connections. Make sure you book your slot with Kendu!

Where: San Diego | CA | When: January 21st-24th | More info: website

2. StorePoint Fashion

Would you like to discover the latest trends and innovations for the in-store environment? StorePoint Fashion is the ultimate experience, offering one-on-one meetings and group activities. The event promises an informal, intimate, and enjoyable atmosphere, providing an opportunity to connect with other industry professionals. Make sure you book in to see Kendu!

Where: Frisco, Texas | When: February 25th-28th | More info: website

3. Retail Forum: Madrid

What role can AI play in the Retail sector? This question will be the focal point of the 12th edition of the Retail Forum in Madrid, under the slogan ‘Retail 360º’. Over 1,500 attendees will gather in the event’s four conference rooms to experience the latest technologies in action. Make sure you drop by for a visit.

Where: Madrid | When: March 21st | More info: website

4. Shop! Marketplace

What do consumers want from retail? How can we adapt to meet those changing expectations? What role will leading brands play in retail evolution? These are the questions that will be explored during this edition of the Shop! Marketplace. Over three days, industry professionals will have the opportunity to engage in presentations, networking activities, and educational sessions. We hope to see you there!

Where: Cincinnati, OH | When: April 9th – 11th | More info: website

Attendees at the IRDC fair organised by VMSD in 2023.

5. Ecommerce Italy

The 18th edition of Ecommerce Italy will showcase topics such as digital strategies, new business models, and the evolution of payment methods. This edition presentations, hosted in Milan, will be conducted in Italian. One advantage of this event is that, if attendance is not possible, you can still enjoy the conferences on their YouTube channel.

Where: Milan | When: 10th April | More info: website

6. World Retail Congress

The World Retail Congress is relocating to Paris, gathering over 800 retailers for its annual event. The theme for this year is High-Performance Retail, which will be the focus of the presentations by the invited speakers. Additionally, the event releases annual research reports and key challenges to ensure that attendees receive valuable insights.

Where: Paris | When: April 16th-18th | More info: website

7. The Retail Summit

For two days, Dubai will host over 800 international attendees at The Retail Summit. This event will showcase dozens of presentations combining insights from established companies with those businesses that have disrupted the retail sector with innovative offerings. World class speakers from Hasbro, Mastercard and Unilever amongst others have all been confirmed.

Where: Dubai | When: April 23rd-24th | More info: website

8. Shoptalk Retail

In 2023 there were over 20,000 meetings in ShopTalk via its standout event, MeetUp. This year they hope to reach 25,000. Will you be part of this important event which aims to transform Europe’s retail ecosystem. It’s tomorrow’s insights from today’s pioneers where retail, technology and innovation intersect.

Where: Barcelona | When: June 3rd-5th | More info: website

9. Paris Retail Week

The 10th edition of Paris Retail Week focuses on the omnichannel commerce. Although its audience is primarily French, this event is open to retailers and e-commerce professionals worldwide. With over 20,000 participants, the event will unfold across more than 370 exhibitors and host over 200 conferences featuring top executives from companies like Decathlon, Ikea France, and Monoprix.

Where: Paris | When: September 17th-19th | More info: website

10. IRDC 2024

VSDM has chosen Kansas City to host its annual Retail event. While the event dates are yet to be announced, top companies have already confirmed their attendance. The two-day event will delve into topics such as emerging best practices, fresh strategies, and rethinking the retail experience. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Where: Kansas City | When: October | More info: website

Attendees at the IRDC fair organised by VMSD in 2023.

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