In 2017 Aldi, began a large-scale expansion of new stores and remodels across the United States. After a successful trial, Aldi formed a direct partnership with KENDU to provide lightboxes and graphic frames as part of this important initiative. Seven years later, with over 1,000 stores opened, KENDU is proud to continue supporting Aldi with their ambitious plans.

Design Solutions

Our dedicated team of designers and retail experts studied the ALDI stores and delivered the solution that best fitted to their needs and specifications.

·     Store-specific design requirements

·     Pre-press image services for all printed graphics

·     Future format development with Design-led solutions

Project Execution

Kendu manufactured all of the solutions in-house in our factory in Miami for a guaranteed quality product for all of the ALDI stores.

·     Standardization of all lightboxes and frames

·     Large-scale volume production that supports the rollout plan

·     Pre produced Inventory allows for quick responses to changes in store plan

·     Flat-packed delivery using Smart kit packaging 

·     Collaboration with ALDI’s Design and Construction teams at each stage of the process

Campaign Management

In our multi-disciplinary team of Account & Project managers based in Miami, personal attention and campaign support was available at all times for the ALDI team.

·     Nationwide rollout across the USA

·     Dedicated Account Management team

·     Quarterly program updates with ALDI and KENDU Teams

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