A New & Improved Set Up for Flowbox

October, 22nd 2019

We are excited to announce that a new and improved version of Flowbox is now ready to put on a show in your store. 

It’s been a labour of love for our in-house research and development team who have re-designed the award-winning dynamic display with the set up by store staff in mind. It features a brand-new framing system and smooth-edged, wire free LED plates that can be set up in significantly less time.

“When we launched Flowbox in 2017 it was a revolution for the retail sector, creating the perfect match between image and movement for in-store displays. In 2019, we redesigned key elements making Flowbox easier than ever to set-up.” states Founder and Chairman, Joseba Egaña.


Flowbox can now be set up in just 3 steps with no cables, no connectors and no tools. Store staff simply "click" together the frame, click in the LED plates and insert the ready-to-play SD card which comes loaded with a bespoke animation. 


The frame and LED plates are now stronger and more durable than before and everything has been UL and CE certified, meaning customers in Europe and the US can buy with complete peace of mind. 


Flowbox packaging has been redesigned using entirely recyclable cardboard held together with vegetable glue. The robust design reduces transportation space without compromising on protection. Flowbox itself is certified as Ecodesigned by AENOR and meets the ISO 14006 standard.


Flowbox continues to offer endless animated creative options, click here to get inspired. Or get in touch if you’d like to find your flow with us today.