New Creative Display Features for Flowbox

November, 8th 2019

With the launch of the new and improved Flowbox not only comes a new framing system and LED plates to make set up even simpler, but exciting new display features developed by our in-house Research and Development team. Now available to buy are a range of integrated product accessories, multi-screen synchronised displays and interactive display technology. 



Customer interaction with products can be increased in-store with Flowbox. Thanks to the improved design, products can be easily integrated and showcased within the dynamic display with no risk of damaging the LED plates. Our range of exclusive display accessories such as shelves, hangers and pegs help to promote product play. Flowbox can also be installed into existing slot-walling systems for a dynamic backdrop that’s integrated into the store design.


Store windows are key to enticing shoppers in-store and the improved Flowbox with its ability to be synchronised across multiple units means that animations can play out across different dynamic displays to create a unique large-format installation. Animated sequences are the perfect way to tell brand stories, product features or deliver key messages in a surprising, sensory way for shoppers.


Powered by Intel technology, special projects featuring Flowbox can now have an interactive experience built in, allowing customers to engage with both the dynamic display and the integrated product. In-store entertainment, with real-time sound and light effects in the form of animated games or product demos, is easily achieved with Flowbox.

If you’d like to find out more about the new range of creative possibilities Flowbox can bring to your in-store environment, get in touch!