Westfield London

August, 8th 2017

Westfield is transforming the face of retail across the UK, Italy and the USA. Its 35 malls now house close to 6,500 retail stores and account for more than 400 million visitors each year. The UK boasts two different Westfield malls located in London (Shephard’s Bush) and Stratford City. Since opening in 2008, Westfield London has had a vast impact on the city’s retail scene with its unique blend of fashion, beauty, dining, leisure and entertainment, all conveniently located less than three miles from the West End. In 2017, it was rated second overall for the best-quality retail location in the UK in the Harper Dennis Hobbs 2017 Vitality Index. Currently showcasing more than 360 retailers, Westfield London’s current expansion, due to be completed in Spring 2018, will an additional 740,000 sq. ft. of high quality retail space to the mall.

We recently paid a visit to Westfield London to check out the latest and greatest on the retail scene. Here are our favourite stores offering exciting retail experiences for London’s discerning consumers.


-Beauty Boudoir-

Charlotte Tilbury’s beauty boudoir in Westfield London is one of only two of the brand’s flagship retail spaces in the UK. The beauty wonderland is an example of creating a glamourous store atmosphere within a mall space. The Charlotte Tilbury store is inspired by the Broadway dressing room style of yesteryear complete with luxurious fittings in a palette of red velvet, buttery beige, gilded copper and silver leaf. It also features the brand’s first ever foray into augmented reality so that customers can see what the make-up could look like once applied.



-Urban Industrial-

Urban Outfitters is dedicated to inspiring their customers via a unique combination of products, creativity and cultural understanding. Their Westfield London store embodies the brand’s spirit with its “permanently temporary” interior design which enables it to keep up with the increasing pace of change driven by its social media savvy customers. The store’s urban industrial aesthetic mixes different raw materials including galvanised metal, reclaimed wood, exposed walls and cement flooring, to create a collective, community-friendly space.



-Sculptural Surroundings-

Jigsaw created an entirely new design concept for their first ever mall based store in London. The Westfield London store was designed in line with the brand’s ideology “to sell stylish clothes in inspiring surroundings” but took advantage of the “clean slate” offered but the mall store. The 120m2 store makes a bold statement with its sculptural installation and pared pack approach to interior design. Femininity is created via delicate aesthetic of duck egg blue walls and slatted timber while the use of raw, blackened steel creates a sense of masculine boldness.


-Stress-free Shopping-

The Mamas & Papas Westfield London store was designed for the new generation of young parents. The digitally-enhanced, full-service shopping experience is aimed at inspiring confidence and supporting young Millennial families as they navigate the modern world of parenting. The new look&feel offers a welcoming, easily accessible store for parents and kids with the interior organised into different “worlds” for stress-free shopping, a digital measuring tool for kids to interact with, comfortable seating and private changing and feeding rooms.