Kendu and

Special creative elements for the new Carnaby Street store


The outdoor apparel and footwear brand, Columbia, planned to open a new store on the iconic Carnaby Street in central London, just as it celebrated its 80th anniversary. The brand wanted to install standout visual points in store that told the story of its Pacific Northwest origin and its recent co-operation with The UK National Parks.


Kendu proposed a range of visual solutions for 3 key points throughout the store all which allowed Columbia to highlight the beautiful landscapes which make up the DNA of the brand. As customers enter the shop, their attention is caught with Kendu’s Flowbox featuring an animated graphic of an urban landscape with the movement transmitting a buzzy, city scene. In the shopping area, a 3-sided lightbox fills an alcove, creating the appearance of an outdoor space inside. Finally, at the till point, a large L-shaped lightbox shows off the final landscape with a cleverly-designed metal perforated sheet that sits over the top of the printed textile to highlight the brand logo. All the textiles can be easily changed with a simple slot-in solution, enabling Columbia to create new, vibrant atmospheres in a matter of seconds.

The final combination of visual solutions from Kendu blended perfectly with the cool design aesthetic of the store, allowing them to take their place on a street with some of the most creative retailers in the world


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